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The Two Most Import Criteria For Real Estate Investors

What Are The Two Most Important Criteria for Real Estate Investors?

secure plus excellent ROIAnswer:
1. Security
2. Cash on Cash Return on Investment 

A primary product of our business  is single family homes already occupied with a contract for deed and promissory note. Right now we have 13 houses occupied and fully performing meaning the people in these houses are paying on time each month. The as is value of these houses is 30-50% higher than what we can buy them for. This is because these houses initially were unoccupied and were acquired by the current owners at deep discounts  As our marketing partner found people who wanted to buy the houses on terms the people   had to do the necessary repairs so they could live in the house. As these repairs were completed the value of the house increased.

As an example of a  typical deal the current owner pays $15,000 for a house.  The person who wants to buy the house on terms signs a promissory note with the owner for often times double the price paid or $30,000. (All numbers are illustrative but are representative of how it works). Checking on line sources the estimated value after repairs could be $45,000 or more.

Everything is  100% turnkey meaning once these houses are purchased the only things that change is the deed and note are recorded in the name of the new owner and  the monthly payments are sent to the owner. The cash on cash return on investment on the 13 houses  is 15%. Cash flow is immediate.

If you are note clear what this means, think of how most people buy a car on terms. They do not own the car until the note is completely paid. Our houses work the same way. The owner has the  the deed until the note is paid off then the deed is transferred to people paying for the house on terms. .

We have partnered with the owners of these houses and will sell them occupied  for cash. We are also networking for favorable rates from lenders to buy these houses in our own LLC. When we are successful with a lender that likes our model we will expand to acquiring many more houses like the 13 an we can because we have the network.  Please note this is a nationwide program. The 13 houses are in 9 states. Our partner company has been acquiring and managing houses for over 10 years on a national level. This model is not an idea. It is one that is proven.

Again whoever buys these houses  get the deed and the promissory note.  The owner can hold the property or resale the property for a likely gain as the notes become more seasoned. How is a gain possible?  The longer the note is performing the more interested are note buyers where the note is backed by a deed.

Cash On Cash Return on Investment is 15% Net for the 13 houses available now.  Note the owners are selling at a discount from the promissory note amount that results in the return being higher than the face amount of the note.

Security – Completely backed by the value of the property which is always higher than the price paid for the property.


Turnkey Properties, Turnkey Real EstateTotal Turnkey Process

This is a completely hands off process for you.  You buy the house or houses for cash and the rest is all handled for you. We have an affiliated partner that finds these deals and services the property. Services means they collect the payments and make sure the property taxes are paid.

Better Alternative Than Wholesaling,  Flipping , Renting 

This is secured, predictable, minimal risk and no work on your part.

Steve Pohlit
Real Estate Investor
Independent BEMER Distributor
Business and Real Estate Investment Coach



Buy All Three For An Incredible Deal

Turnkey Rental turnkey residential real estate2Each of these three properties have their own page on this site.  First time ever offered buy all three for total price of  $124,000 net meaning the seller will pay the closing costs if all three are purchased.  That bundled price saves you $5,000 off the already low prices for these properties.

The Net Operation Income  is projected to be $17,664 which yields a 14.2% Net Cash on Cash Return.

Each of these properties is in an area where prices are increasing.  By the spring, it is likely the total market value will be $45,000 higher which means this deal is like buying three and getting the equivalent of one free.


1. Purchase these in your self – directed IRA and all gains are tax free

2. Refinance in 4 or 5 months  and get all of your capital back.  Then you are paying $876.41 based on a 25 year mortgage at 7%  (you may get a lower rate)  So with no money in the deal at that point your net monthly cash flow is $595.59

3. Within 1-2 years sell the one property to the tenants who already want to sign a lease option agreement and receive over $60,000 when sold which is then used to pay down the note. We know the exact amount of the option price but we are reserving that information for qualified buyers.

Here are the Links to Three Properties

3812 155th St 

3808 155th St

3791 E 149th St

Steve Pohlit, Managing Partner
Ph 727-587-7871

Residential Turnkey Real Estate Opportunities – Check Out the Cash on Cash Returns

Note: My company is not an agent or a broker. We are assisting one of our coaching clients in growing their business.

Turnkey Residential  Real Estate This is the latest update as of 5-13-14

Reminder: all properties have a tenant in place and when cash on cash return is stated this means the best estimate return on investment after deducting insurance, taxes and property management fees. A buyer pays cash and collects the rent checks. All else is handled. And of course your money is secured by the property which is titled in your name or your company name as you prefer.

Single Family Residential Turnkey Home

This property is newly renovated. Purchase Price $43,567 Cash on Cash Return 16.9% Fantastic opportunity Click Here for pictures and additional details

6 Single Family Residential Turnkey Homes – Buy One or More

These properties are under contract have tenants and require very little renovation. Purchase price ranges from $39,400 to $50,500 The cash on cash return for each property is 15.6% Call or email me for more information. (Contact information at the end of the article) These are new into our pipeline and I should have them on this site in the next day or so.

60 Single Family Residential Homes – Bulk Buy

Bulk Buy Residential Real Estate Purchase Price $2,075,000 Cash Cash on Cash ROI is 14.3% Click Here for more information In summary,these homes are in great condition and should not need any significant repairs for more than 5 yearsl

How To Calculate The Number of Years You Have All Your Money Back and Remember You Already Own The Property

Step 1 Divide 100 by the stated cash on cash return on investment
Step 2. There is no Step 2

Example for a 15.6% cash on cash return on investment 100 divided by 15.6% is 6.4. So that is 6.4 years. .4 of a year is .4 times 12 months or just about 5 months. So in this example you own the property, it continues to pay you income and you have all of your original cash investment back in 6 years and 5 months. If you brought properties for $100,000 you would have those properties plus any appreciation value (in today’s market you can reasonably count on the properties we market to appreciate – ask me what I think.) So you have the properties plus your $100,000 back in the bank or your IRA. So in six years and 5 months you have doubled your money then you go on to continue to make money from the property with no money in the deal That is why I love this model.

A Great Leverage Idea

What is leverage? This is where you use your money along with other people’s money to build an even bigger portfolio of assets and cash flow. For example you buy turnkey residential houses with a cash on cash ROI of 15.6% So to accelerate your growth you buy the properties cash and then finance the properties on a loan for say 30 years at a 6% interest rate. Now you are earning 9.4% cash on cash and then since you have your $100,000 back you are able to buy more properties and do it all over again. Will it work this way. It could more than likely a financial institution will not loan you all of the $100,000 maybe it is $70,000. We are developing our financial network for you so you will have options like this available to you.

For more information

Steve Pohlit, Managing Partner
Ph 727-587-7871