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Requesting Funding For US Turnkey Real Estate

We are very flexible in how we proceed with the options.

Option 1 –  Requesting A Loan of Up To $2.4 Million At or Less Than 8%

Goal : Acquire Turnkey Residential Real Estate Properties that meet net cash on cash return criteria of not less than 14 % annually.  For more of an explanation of turnkey please click here. Briefly a turnkey property is one that is renovated, has a tenant and property management in place.  The owner is not actively involved as the property management company takes care of everything.

At this time there are 65 homes available with total cash on cash return of  about 15%   The purchase price is $2,375,000.  That is the loan amount I am requesting.  In addition, there are approximately 10 homes each month becoming available.  I estimate approximately $400,000 a month is needed to buy these homes.

Option 2:  Requesting a Financing for Homes Owned with FMV of approximately $240,000 Plus a commitment to finance out approximately 6 homes a month until 30 are acquired.

My client is ready to purchase 6 of these homes for cash then wants to finance out. He is open to LTV of 80% or possibly 70%. Please note his goal is to acquire 30 homes over the next 4 or 5 months. For this to work the financing rate needs to be 8% or less.

Security For Both Options: 1st secured interest in the homes.

Please advise as to your level of interest and terms/conditions.

Steve Pohlit, Managing Partner
Steve Pohlit International, LLC
Ph 727-587-7871