Turnkey Bank Owned REO Real Estate Opportunity – Exclusive

Turnkey Properties, Turnkey Real Estate This is a very straight forward nearly 100% do it for you. Here are the steps:

1. Each month we bid on well over 1,000 bank owned single family homes. You can get the list and participate or wait for the list of properties awarded.  For more information on the bidding process, Please Click Here

2. On about the 20th of the month, we receive notice of the bids awarded. For example we have that list now and the deals move real fast because the price of the homes are in nearly every instance substantially below market value.  This month we have a bit of an unusual situation because of Memorial Day we have extra time to make a buying decision. Email me now and I will send you what is available now and if by chance we get sold out you can be included on next month’s list.  The only thing I ask is that you have liquid cash to submit to our title company’s escrow account for what you want to buy.

3. With any house on the awarded list that has not already sold, when you send in your money it is yours. You can fix it and flip it, you can rent it, lease option it or place it with our buy here pay here home program.  This last option involves the least amount of time and effort on your part. Everything is handled for you including preparing the home to be marketed to a buyer, finding the qualified buyer, negotiating the deal so you get maximum return, servicing the note for you and helping you sell the note should you want to cash out.

That’s It – People who are acting fast are getting the best deals However we have yet to see a deal the didn’t offer the potential for substantial above market returns  One more thing,  there are often 10 or more properties that can be acquired for less than $10,000 You may be thinking tear down. Well that could be an option depending on the location. In most cases they are simply bargain basement purchases.

Remember : “Identify The Barriers, Destroy The Barriers, Build The Dream”

Steve Pohlit
Real Estate Investor
Health and Wellness Advocate
Business and Real Estate Investment Coach

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