Buy All Three For An Incredible Deal

Turnkey Rental turnkey residential real estate2Each of these three properties have their own page on this site.  First time ever offered buy all three for total price of  $124,000 net meaning the seller will pay the closing costs if all three are purchased.  That bundled price saves you $5,000 off the already low prices for these properties.

The Net Operation Income  is projected to be $17,664 which yields a 14.2% Net Cash on Cash Return.

Each of these properties is in an area where prices are increasing.  By the spring, it is likely the total market value will be $45,000 higher which means this deal is like buying three and getting the equivalent of one free.


1. Purchase these in your self – directed IRA and all gains are tax free

2. Refinance in 4 or 5 months  and get all of your capital back.  Then you are paying $876.41 based on a 25 year mortgage at 7%  (you may get a lower rate)  So with no money in the deal at that point your net monthly cash flow is $595.59

3. Within 1-2 years sell the one property to the tenants who already want to sign a lease option agreement and receive over $60,000 when sold which is then used to pay down the note. We know the exact amount of the option price but we are reserving that information for qualified buyers.

Here are the Links to Three Properties

3812 155th St 

3808 155th St

3791 E 149th St

Steve Pohlit, Managing Partner
Ph 727-587-7871

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