US Debt, US Dollar, and Turnkey Residential Real Estate – How Are These Connected

US Debt Exceeds $17 Trillion : Value of The Dollar Continues It’s Decline

The US Debt exceeds $17 trillion and that is just what is reported.  Unfunded liabilities are a multiple of the reported debt.  The Value of the US Dollar Decreased by 2% since 2013 and 2014 is not over. It is important to act prudently and grow your money -the value of your assets considering rising debt and the continuing devaluation of the dollar.

When Bought Right, Turnkey Real Estate Is A Sound Strategy For Your Money

Reminder: Turnkey Real Estate is property that you own, has a tenant that is paying based on a lease and where there is property management handling all operational requirements of the property.  Cash on Cash Net Return means the cash the property owner receives after deduction the money for insurance, taxes, property management and reserve for repairs and maintenance.

Our Turnkey Real Estate Program offers you the opportunity to double your money in about 6 years.  Realistically it could be less. There are sound reasons why the time line could be 4-5 years. Throughout that entire time you own the asset. You can see it and touch it if you want. When you have all your cash back you still own the asset (the home titled in your name) and you can then continue buying properties if you want.

Turnkey Properties Are Rational 

You know what a house is. You understand that property management in place handles nearly all of anything you need to be concerned about. You can see evidence that the purchase price for the property is not only fair but often times a bargain. You can get to know the tenant or never meet the tenant whichever your preference.

To Be Clear

As an example a property that you can buy for $45,000 and delivers a net cash on cash return of 15.6% returns $45,000 to you in 6 years and 3 months. Remember you own the home. In 6 years and 3 months you also have $45,000 sitting in the bank. Can the value of real estate go down?  Of course and we witnessed this beginning in 2007.  Our program focuses on distressed buys with good rental demand in markets starting to grow again. Our view is the risks are very minimal.

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