Residential Real Estate Bulk Buy Opportunity

Bulk Buy Residential Real Estate

My firm is consulting with a client that is offering 100 residential properties for sale. There are actually two sellers. Here is the breakdown.

Seller 1: 40 homes Purchase Price $1,800,000 Net Annual Rental Income $275,000 (Note This Group Is Currently Not Available)

Seller 2: 60 homes Purchase Price $2,075,000 Net Annual Rental Income $297,875

The Projected Annual ROI for the whole package is 14.8%

Qualified Buyer will provide Letter of Intent and Proof of Funds. Confidentiality agreement is also required. Once in place full disclosure of the properties will be provided. There are many positives for this deal including:

Final ROI may be higher.
Seller 1 homes is all Section 8 homes.
Seller 2 homes are in much better than average condition.
Seller 2 has 10 vacant properties which we expect to be occupied in less than 30 days. We have used a very conservative rent number in estimating the net rent for those.

For More Information

Steve Pohlit, Managing Partner
Tampa Capital Properties, LLC
Ph: 727-587-7871

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