Turnkey Real Estate Investments – How Well and Secured Is Your Money Working For You

turnkey residential real estateTurnkey Real Estate Investments

Turnkey real estate investments offer a tremendous opportunity to grow your passive income. We  purchase residential real estate at steep discounts, renovate the property, secure a lease with a carefully qualified tenant, all handled by a very qualified and professional property management company.  Then you cash the checks and watch your equity grow.

Join the growing group of people experiencing the benefits of  turnkey real estate investments as a primary source of passive income. You will immediately  benefit from our bargain purchasing power.  Our construction partners offer a renovated single family home along with experienced local property managers. This combination means  you have  instant equity as well as positive cash flow. Our cash on cash rate of return currently is higher than 14%.  Try to get that from having your money sitting in a bank.

We provide a “One Stop Shop” which saves you countless hours of research and due diligence. You will know the equity and cash flow that begins the day you buy the property.

Just some of the ways we bring value to you with this program:

-Researching which markets make the most investment sense

-Locating property where there is strong rental demand.

-Qualifying tenants and administering a lease at market rental rates.

– Not all companies offering turnkey real estate investments are alike.  With us you get a finished product with a tenant and you earn equity and cash flow starting with the day you close.

We pride ourselves in getting to know you personally and value meetings to help you fully understand how this works. We are happy to review all the details with your attorney. Bottom line you are buying a home that you own with a tenant who produces great cash flow with all details handled by a property management company.

Give us a call today to take advantage of our turnkey real estate investments.

Steve Pohlit. Managing Partner
US Real Estate Partners, LP
Ph 727-587-7871

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